Machine Vision & Media Processing APIs

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2021-09-27 05:30:05

Grow with one platform that integrates vision, storage, prediction, annotation, and media processing... Browse, consume, build, and deploy intelligent apps powered by state-of-the-art Machine Vision APIs.

Learn how to detect all human faces present in a given image or video frame first, then apply a blur filter or extract each one of them using only two PixLab endpoints.

Scan travel documents such as Passports, Visas or ID cards from various countries and automatically extract any detected face via a single PixLab endpoint.

Filter image uploads according to their Not Safe for Work, NSFW Score, then apply a blur filter if adult or bloody content is detected using only two PixLab endpoints.

Let's generate a set of TAGs in human readable sentences that describe the contents of a given image. This imply running a Convolutional neural network on top of the target image and extract content of interest.

Implement a smart Captcha-like challenge by generating a new image on the fly of desired height & width, and draw some text on top to challenge bots on your platform.

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