The Best Ketone Monitor: Keto Mojo Blood Meter or Biosense Breath Sensor

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2020-06-24 11:13:15

I had a chance to do a head to head test of the Keto Mojo blood ketone meter and the Biosense breath ketone meter during my recent 8-day water fast.

One quick note: The Biosense measures ketones using ACEs. 10 ACEs is roughly equivalent to 1.0 mmol/L of BHB blood ketones. 20 ACEs on Biosense roughly equals 2.0 on keto mojo, 30 ACEs approximates 3.0, etc.

The Biosense has the clear advantage here. For people like my sweet husband Brad who hate needles and blood, a breath meter really is the best solution, and Biosense is the only breath meter out there with clinically proven accuracy. In fact, I expect Brad to be the primary user of our Biosense.

However, if you’re tracking your GKI for therapeutic ketosis and not just your ketones, you’ll likely still need to prick for the glucose test. The alternative, which I’ve tried, is a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). A CGM only needs to be inserted every two weeks and will send 8 hours of recorded data to my phone via Bluetooth with just a tap.

Most of the time I’m not wearing a continuous glucose monitor, though – and most therapeutic keoters aren’t either. Instead, I’m using the Keto Mojo as my blood meter and can use the same drop of blood for measuring my ketones, too.

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