What are the weirdest business ideas that actually succeeded?

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2022-05-11 23:30:07

Among the most successful business people in our midst are those that create their own niches. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ business idea. In most cases it will boil down to the key principles of luck, timing and execution.

There exists a select group of people who initially appeared wacky to those around them, but have gone on to create astounding business success with their crazy ideas.

This was started as a joke by Edgar Kim and Nate Davis. Their website offers a ‘travel package’ to heaven. This kit includes certification, identity cards and a ‘Heaven 101’ guide that tells the buyer how to behave once they get there. Since they launched their website in 2007, they have sold millions of reservations at between $12.79 and $15.95 each.

Those living in urban settings are getting more attracted to the prospect of keeping a pet that even provides breakfast! Companies such as Belbeck’s Family Farms offer rental packages that include four egg-laying hens, coops, feeds and other supplies and customer support.

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