Is Product Hunt still a good place to launch a startup?

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2022-05-15 06:00:08

Product Hunt is like ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Dragon’s Den,’ but without Mr. Wonderful trying to rip you off. Product Hunt’s goal isn’t necessarily cash but traffic, conversion, and adoption.

And for anyone not familiar with the site, Product Hunt is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to launch their products to an enthusiastic audience. If successful, you can get thousands of new visitors, including tech enthusiasts, marketers, and fellow founders.

The website started in 2014 and quickly grew to establish itself as the most accessible spot for entrepreneurs starting new websites, apps, and other software-related enterprises. These entrepreneurs were guaranteed a healthy volume of early users that could set up their business for success.

Product Hunt isn’t for everyone. Only a few people are willing to experiment with new websites and products. So, the platform’s primary audiences are innovators and early adopters, which is relatively small compared to other social media giants.

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