Where can I find a list of top DTC brands in every industry?

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2022-05-13 02:00:06

For anyone who doesn’t know what DTC means, then understand that the DTC, direct-to-consumer, business model—also known as the business-to-consumer (BTC) model—is often adopted by brands wanting to sell their products and services directly to the consumers.

Thanks to the internet, e-commerce, and online advertising, the DTC model is on a steady rise for both new entrepreneurs and established brands. And today, we’d be taking a look at leading DTC brands in several industries.

Modern Retail is like an e-commerce news site that covers the ins and outs of the retail industry. Digiday Media launched modern Retail in 2019 to explore the trends that are reshaping the retail industry with honesty, depth, and authority.

Modern retail’s DTC Era offers exclusive content that gives daily updates and information on what's happening in the global DTC sector and the critical strategies being used by DTC businesses.

Yotpo is one of our favorites because it provides complete DTC marketing education that’s adequately segmented and arranged for easy understanding. But the best part of Yotpo is that their lectures are provided by industry insiders.

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