Can one really make a living on Substack with 1,000 newsletter subscribers?

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2022-05-14 18:00:08

But there’s a reason why it seems like only popular journalists from established media companies like Buzzfeed, The Verge, and the New York Times are flocking to Substack.

And that’s because—besides not wanting to sell their souls—it's easier to succeed with Substack if you’ve already built an established audience base that’d be willing to pay for your content.

Starting your newsletter on substack is a pretty easy process. And once your account is created, substack allows you to send emails and track their performance with Substack’s analytics tool.

With substack, you can choose to offer your content for free, lock them behind a paywall or charge your subscribers a minimum monthly fee of $5/month, and it can go as high as $50/month. And this leads us back to the validity of Kevin Kelly's 1000 true fans theory.

The simple answer is yes. And that’s simply because, in Kevin Kelly’s statement, he suggested you’d need a thousand readers to pay you $100/year. And after running the numbers, that puts the monthly payment per user at $8.4.

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