Favourite maps of 2021

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2022-01-12 14:30:15

Here is my annual selection of favourite maps that I’ve seen this past year. They’re in no particular order, and I’ve most likely missed a load but here goes… and don’t forget to click on the links to go to the originals. I hope I’ve attributed maps correctly but if there’s any errors they’re mine and I’m happy to correct anything spotted.

A lovely imagined map gifted to Stamen’s 32 employees showing their various work-at-home locations. Planimetric and 3D isometric drawing with a nod to all those classic maps that break the border. View more here.

One of a gazillion maps of the number of deaths from COVID-19 but I like the quality of the scrollytelling in this. Explainers, and a mix of overview and detailed maps. Also – a 1 dot per death map. Why generalise if the sheer mass of dots sends the stark message? I’d usually avoid red on a map for lots of reasons, and particularly when representing deaths, but we should be scared. View more here.

What? A real-life cartogram on the very front page of a proper newspaper? For that alone this map gets included. The fact it’s so well crafted is the icing on the cake. View more here.

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