Google Foobar Challenge Solutions with Animations

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2024-05-10 18:30:09

Recently, I was invited to Google's secret coding interview, Foobar Challange. From Markov chains to cellular automata, this challenge was the hardest and most fun coding experience I have ever had. I have decided to share my solutions with the animations I have made for questions, which make them easier to understand.

One day, while I was working on my projects, a message appeared at the top of my Google search results. I don't exactly remember what I was searching for, but I guess it was about multi-threading.

After clicking the message, I was redirected to a website, and the challenge has started. The challenge consists of 5 levels and 9 questions in total.

For context, we are in a space station where Commander Lambda is on charge, and we are trying to help the bunnies used as workers.

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