Hooha – The world’s first smart tampon dispenser

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2020-07-01 07:59:10

You don’t need a pair of binoculars to glance at the socio-economic disparity prevalent in the world. Furthermore, inequality doesn’t plague a singular facet of the human experience. It permeates various verticals. Thereby, it actively drives a wedge between people from different walks of life. Look at the damage that gender inequality has done. Movements like feminism have been around for centuries. Nonetheless, women still find it a pain to have access to basic hygiene. Most women would agree that finding an operational tampon dispenser is no easy task. However, an innovation called Hooha is all set to change this. This new piece of technology is essentially a smart tampon dispenser that works.

The creative brains promoting Hooha call it an innovation that fights for equality. Thanks to their efforts, Hooha’s outreach has been nothing short of phenomenal. Ever since its launch on International Women’s Day, it has amassed 158 million+ PR impressions.

But, that’s not all! Hooha also boasts many impressive features. For starters, it can hold 3x more tampons than a traditional dispenser. Secondly, it is rust-proof and almost half the size of the old machines. Moreover, the text-to-dispense feature inherent to this product is compatible with GDPR. Meaningly, using Hooha will not endanger your private information.

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