The Privacy Pledge: 5 Principles for Building an Internet Where Privacy is the Default

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2022-09-21 14:00:37

We, the undersigned, commit ourselves to rebuilding the internet so that it returns to the ideals set out by its founders: a democratic platform designed to facilitate the free exchange of information, open communication, and privacy for the individual. In doing so, we believe it can serve the needs of people, not just corporations. This internet should be private by default and give each user a choice over who has access to โ€” as well as control over โ€” their personal data. An internet like this would be open and accessible to everyone, support democratic values, protect the fundamental right to privacy, and ensure free access to information.

This internet would support the growth of ethical business models, but it would first require that companies hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct that puts users first. By giving people control over their personal information, we can stop companies and governments from the spying, commodification, and attempted manipulation of users that have come to typify the internet today.

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