Delayed mail in Gmail

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2024-06-09 21:30:06

I have implemented a productivity hack so that my email is only delivered twice a day, once between 8 and 9am, and later between 5 and 6. That way I don’t check it when I wake up and I don’t check it during the day. It’s more like the experience when you get home and the postman has been and you can look at all your mail together.

I have managed to completely eliminate compulsive checking of emails. I know there will be nothing new there most of the time.

To apply label “snoozing” to all sent email. That means it appears in my inbox later on, and I can decide if it needs a follow up.

To write a “Google Apps Script” program that moves all “snoozing” tagged emails to the Inbox and removes the “snoozing” tag. It runs at 8-9am and 5-6pm.

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