VTubing on Linux - Xe

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2022-01-15 20:00:07

In my last post I went through my VTubing setup on Windows and all the "generations" of setup that I've done over the last year. Thanks to the meddling of a certain nerd who is in the chat watching me write this, I have figured out a way to run this setup on Linux. The ultimate goal for this phase is to get all this running on my work laptop so I can use it for a webcam. However this post is just going to cover the Linux setup bits.

On Windows, this setup is really straightforward. VSeeFace provides a webcam driver that makes the output of the VSeeFace app pretend to be a USB webcam. Google Meets, OBS and the like can then pick that up like it was a normal webcam. The overall flow looks like this:

This doesn't work at all on Linux though. There's no real way to get VSeeFace (a windows application that runs under Unity) to directly pretend to be a webcam at this moment.

<Mara> Pedantically, you can probably get away with doing this using a combination of PipeWire, Video4Linux or some other incarnation like that, but the main point here is that VSeeFace is a Windows app and I don't think it's possible to make Linux-specific calls like that. Feel free to prove me wrong.

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