How I VTuber

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2022-01-13 14:00:04

If you've watched tech talks I've done and any of my Twitch streams recently, you probably have noticed that I don't use a webcam for any of them. Well, technically I do, but that webcam view shows an anime looking character. This is because I am a VTuber. I use software that combines 3d animation and motion capture technology instead of a webcam. This allows me to have a unique presentation experience and helps me stand out from all the other people that create technical content.

<Cadey> I stream on Twitch when I get the inspiration to. I usually announce streams about a half hour in advance on Twitter. I plan to get a proper schedule soon.

This also makes it so much easier to edit videos because of the fact that the face on the avatar I use isn't too expressive. This allows me to do multiple takes of a single paragraph in the same recording because I can reset the face to neutral and you will not be able to see the edit happen unless you look really closely at my head position.

Some of the best things in life start as the worst mistakes imaginable and the people responsible could never really see them coming. This all traces back to my boss buying everyone an Oculus Quest 2 last year.

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