The Ultimate Windows Utility

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2024-07-06 20:00:03

This is a tool that has evolved over several years and achieves much more than just debloating a Windows install. I have expanded it to install the programs you select, which is a bigger selection than ninite. The classic debloat is there, but also includes a tweaks section with quality of life features. To round out everything, I have included my recommended settings for Windows update that I use in a variety of businesses. Misuse of this utility can break your install so please be careful and I do not provide any help or assistance should this happen!

There are four main parts of this utility but I can expand this to an infinite number of tabs if expansion is needed and will probably happen in the future. As of the writing of this article there is 4 main parts: install, debloat, features and old panels, and windows updates. Let me breakdown what each part does and what you should use.

The install is basically a better version of ninite that many people use. It leverages Microsoft’s winget utility to not only install tons of software that you select with a check-mark, but also gives you the ability to upgrade all the software quickly. By using this utility you will save hours on the install, but also make it very easy to keep all your programs up to date.

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