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2021-06-09 01:30:07

The reason I decided to write this is that I have seen what really poor management can do to a team and it unwinds a company faster than poor product or churn.

You may already be familiar with the tech bro, hustle culture workplace that has come into vogue over the last decade. In an industry fueled by VC money, bad culture can thrive even in growing companies so when managers leave a company during a hype cycle, they spread it throughout the relatively small startup world.

If you start using positive teamwork as the metric for success, you start to notice that teams that work together well tend to win together.

If you follow this strategy, especially with a smaller team, you may find that you're eroding a team from the inside. It burns people out.

It can work for sprints, but if you let that culture become endemic, it moves through your company like a disease, sowing discourse and doubt.

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