[v2.13.0] Video calling, Microsoft support, template variables, and more.

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2023-01-24 22:30:05

Chatwoot has partnered up with Dyte to provide a seamless video calling experience. To use, setup the Dyte integration from the Applications tab.

Now, you can directly connect your Microsoft inbox as an email channel, with only a couple of clicks. This removes the need for manual setup of email inboxes.

Now you can create dynamic messages with the help of template variables. These are placeholder values created like this: {{variable}}. They can be used to hold specific information, such as a customer's name or order number, into messages. Utilize your template variables in your canned responses as well as text editor.

Thanks to @giquieu, @drexlma, @civilcoder55, @ooooooo-q, @matuszewskijan, @iprithvitharun, @jordan-brough for the contributions.

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