Introducing Wolfi – the first Linux (Un)distro designed for securing the software supply chain

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2022-09-22 20:30:27

The massive push for software supply-chain integrity and transparency has left organizations struggling to secure their pipelines and manage vulnerabilities. Existing tooling doesn’t support supply chain security natively and requires users to bolt on critical features like signatures, provenance, and software bills of material (SBOM). 

It’s this critical gap in tooling that inspired us to build Wolfi, the first community Linux (un)distribution built with default security measures for the software supply chain. Along with Wolfi, we’re also announcing updates to our existing Chainguard Images, including base images for stand-alone binaries, applications like nginx and development tooling like Go and C compilers. 

Linux started in 1991 and has become critical to modern IT. Multiple Linux distributions have been created to package and distribute Linux for various use cases, from personal and embedded computing, to super computing and cloud. Linux runs on hardware, in VMs and now in containers.

Containers have become ubiquitous in how developers build and ship software today. Containers differ from previous solutions, by being immutable by nature (so no upgrades/downgrades are required) and using the kernel provided by the host.

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