Microservice deployment on Kubernetes container with NGINX Ingress controller, Docker Hub and Helm package deployer

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2020-06-27 05:22:41

Please refer this source code for reference: https://github.com/rajivmca2004/catalogue-service/blob/master/catalogue-k8s-deployment.yml Note (Optional Step) : imagePullSecrets only required to connect with Harbor registry. It’s not required in this demo, because we are going to use Docker Hub image registry. If you are using Harbor then, you need to create a K8s secret and add this in the K8s deployment yaml script.

We need to create a service on “online-store” namespace and expose on port 8010 which will expose this microservice internal to K8s cluster –

Now, create a deployment which will pull image of this micro-service from Docker-Hub image registry from login: itsrajivsrivastava/catalogue-service, which will create 3 replicas/containers of PODs and one container per POD-

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