ClojureScript - 1.11.51 Release

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2022-05-14 07:00:05

We’re happy to announce a new release of ClojureScript. If you’re an existing user of ClojureScript please read over the following release notes carefully.

This release includes support for :as-alias. It adds update-vals and update-keys. It introduces the cljs.math namespace, providing portability for code using clojure.math. iteration,NaN?, parse-long, parse-double, parse-boolean, and parse-uuid have also been added.

ClojureScript is one of the largest libraries in the Clojure ecosystem. Having to compile some 20,000+ lines of Clojure code every time is a significant hit to REPL start times and other typical tasks. Thus ClojureScript is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled.

However, due to some subtle aspects of AOT this can lead to unresolveable dependency conflicts. Users have hit this issue with nearly all of the declared dependencies: transit-clj, data.json, and tools.reader.

After conferring with the Clojure Team, we decided to vendorize all these dependencies. This way we can AOT everything and be confident that we won’t create a conflict that can’t easily be fixed via normal dependency management. ClojureScript no longer depends on transit-clj, only transit-java. The dependance on data.json has been removed. ClojureScript dependance on tools.reader is for a less common use case - bootstrapping the compiler to JavaScript.

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