How does Allergen Reducing Cat Food Work?

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2020-06-25 11:46:58

I love animals there’s no doubt about that. I certainly put my love for both my cat and dog before my allergies. It’s not so much I’m allergic to animals, its more of what is hiding in their hair and dander, from pollen, dust, dead skin through to just plain sneezing especially when the cat is back from her great travels outdoors. But there is nothing a quick anti-histamine pill won’t resolve, plus its a small price to pay to be nearer to my furry friend’s.

I feel the heavens were looking down on me when the company Insider’s gave me the chance to participate in their latest campaign. Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR™ dry cat food. For 3 weeks I was to test the food against my allergies and the rest of the household too. Would we notice a difference or is it all just hype?

Well, Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR™ Cat food is described as the first cat food to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander, so you and your feline friend can live together in harmony.

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