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2021-06-09 06:00:08

Lockdown is a preventative measure for use against malware/ransomware attacks, which works by leveraging Windows Software Restriction Policies to prevent programs from running unexpectedly and from blocked locations.  Lockdown is designed in the opposite way that CryptoPrevent works with SRP, in that Lockdown by default blacklists the entire file system, and whitelisting must be applied to allow programs to run (even built-in Windows programs!)  Lockdown also goes a step further and restricts not only executables, but DLLs and other code libraries as well.

Lockdown may also be used simply to restrict a PC to running only certain applications, keeping your end users out of trouble.

Lockdown is designed for ADVANCED USERS ONLY, who should be somewhat familiar with Software Restriction Policies.  If you don’t understand anything regarding usage of the program, that isn’t you, and you should look to our  CryptoPrevent instead for similar protections.

When Lockdown is enabled, by default no executables will run except in whitelisted locations.  When enabled Lockdown will automatically whitelist the Windows directory (and all subdirs) as well as Program Files, the Lockdown directory itself, and all shortcuts will be allowed to run (although the file on the other end of the shortcut will be subject to SRP rules.)  Lockdown does not whitelist your downloads folder or desktop by default.

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