CHIPS Articles: Securing LinkedIn — Protecting Your Professional Online Presence

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2024-05-22 19:30:19

It is a critical defensive measure for everyone to properly configure their social media and professional networking accounts. You must understand that regardless of how effectively and completely you control your LinkedIn settings, there is no way to completely hide your profile. While you can take steps to reduce your risk exposure, you cannot be invisible online. You should be aware that unless you change the default settings on your public profile, it will still be visible even to those who are not LinkedIn members. Further, this information can be indexed by search engines. As a recommendation: Do not put anything in your public profile you would not want the world to see, such as email addresses, telephone numbers or geographical addresses, anywhere but in the appropriate fields.

You can build and maintain an online presence across a variety of platforms; but like all social networking sites, it comes with risk. Be wary of every piece of information you share, or that may be shared about you. The résumé details you post online today could make you the target of a hostile intrusion or security investigation tomorrow.

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