Rasterised ray tracing of sound in JavaScript

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2022-01-14 07:00:06

In my recent Game Jam game, FAD, the player controls a submarine navigating a 2D pixelated world that they can’t see. To do this they eventually get to use an active sonar ping. Here’s how it sounds (and looks in “cheat mode”):

This post is a deep dive into the design & implementation of this active echolocation effect using Web Audio from JavaScript. My experience as a non-Web programmer in unfamiliar territory was mixed, but I found WebAudio programming particularly enjoyable and rewarding. I hope this unusual concoction might be mildly interesting to you too.

This post won't cover every line of code needed, so for a full implementation please see the js powering this page and accompanying audio worklet.

In the game, when the player presses SPACE, the submarine sends out a sonar ping and uses its radial microphone array to capture echoes from the surrounding terrain. These are mixed to stereo for the player’s headphones. Both delay and volume in each ear depend on the direction and range of the nearby object.

Using this information, the player should be able to steer around obstacles. In the full game this is combined with a GPS/compass for general direction finding. But obstacle avoidance using echolocation proved quite hard in practice. Therefore, rather than attempting physical realism, we choose all parameters to make range and direction perception as easy as possible for the player.

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