Claude 2.1 Guide

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2023-11-21 18:30:03

Claude 2.1 represents an improvement in specific capabilities and performance over Claude 2. With strong accuracy upgrades, double the context window, and experimental tool use features, Claude can handle more complex reasoning and generation while remaining honest and grounded in factual evidence.

Note that Claude 2.1 comes with its own specific prompt engineering techniques. Take a look before you try Claude 2.1 to make sure your prompts are optimized to take advantage of Claude 2.1's improved functionalities!

Claude 2.1's context window is 200K tokens, enabling it to leverage much richer contextual information to generate higher quality and more nuanced output. This unlocks new capabilities such as:

Using Claude 2.1 automatically enables you access to its 200K context window. We encourage you to try uploading long papers, multiple documents, whole books, and other texts you've never been able to interact with via any other model. To ensure you make the best use of the 200K context window, make sure to follow our 2.1 prompt engineering techniques.

Note: Processing prompts close to 200K will take several minutes. Generally, the longer your prompt, the longer the time to first token in your response.

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