Convex vs. Firebase | Convex Developer Hub

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2022-06-22 03:30:03

Convex and Google's Cloud Firestore are both platforms for managing global state in modern serverless applications. Both platforms store documents and notify applications of document changes in realtime without requiring application developers to manage their own infrastructure.

At Convex we have a lot of respect for Firebase. We're building this product because we also believe that developers deserve a comprehensive platform for global state management. Firebase was one of the first teams to work on this problem and has done a lot of innovation in this space.

"Firebase" actually refers to two separate products: Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore. This discussion focuses on Cloud Firestore because it's the newer, more scalable Firebase offering.

With Cloud Firestore, the client interacts with its data by loading documents straight from the database. If you're building a chat application and you store users and messages in Cloud Firestore, your application code will also interact with those same user and message documents.

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