Among billions of people, becoming the best at anything is pretty hard. And if it's about becoming the best gambler, that is even harder in the casino

Best Casino Real Money Online Players in World History

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2022-09-21 13:44:11

Among billions of people, becoming the best at anything is pretty hard. And if it's about becoming the best gambler, that is even harder in the casino world. It takes years of practice, effort, and intellectuality to become a game changer in the gambling industry on sites like

So, how about checking out the top 8 casino players in world history and learning some incredible facts about them in this article? 

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1. Edward Thorp

You might be familiar with Blackjack's "Card Counting, and do you know who makes this technique legal? It's Edward, a well-known genius gambler who put his efforts and intellectuality into making it a legal method for winning more blackjack hands. 

Edward is one of the most famous gamblers who studied math and comes with some tricks to play the cards successfully by applying some modern cheating methods. 

2. Bill Benter

He is the most famous professional gambler who develops horse racing betting algorithms for Hong Kong using his analytics mindset. Bill and his partner traveled to Hong Kong in the 1980s after completing their study in science and maths.

Later he moved to Las Vegas and joined an Australian Team of Card Counters. He has managed to earn around a billion dollars throughout his career. 

Nowadays, his gambling algorithm is helpful for horse bettors to spot factors on the live casino online that have some impact on the betting results. And it helps the players to gain profits while placing a bet.

Besides that, if players from the Philippines want to start their gambling career, they can explore the best casino 2022 under the guidance of casino expert Houston G O'Keefe. 

3. Dan Bilzerian 

He is the richest poker player and a very charismatic Instagram star. Yes, we are talking about Dan Bilzerian. One of the most famous poker players started to gain popularity in 2014. 

However, all of his winnings were not from playing poker, but he won many tournaments throughout his career. And can easily compete with other world-famous live casino online gamblers with his skills and talent. His unique technique and innovative methods reward him with good profits that anybody can be jealous of.

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4. Billy Walters

Billy Walters is the most successful sports bettor in the United States. He started his betting journey when he was nine years old and continued his career until he was 30.

From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo—many physical casinos witnessed his incredible performance throughout his career. Besides sports betting, he also tried his luck in other casino games like roulette, poker, and blackjack.

5. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is one of the top-earning and most successful gamblers who won ten World Series Poker bracelets. And also gained the title "The Best Poker Player In the World." Besides that, he also appeared at nine World Poker Tour final tables.

He has mastered playing poker and earned around $100 Million in prize money in his career. However, a cheating scheme led him to get involved in two casinos, which refused to pay him his winning prizes.

Besides the above list, some other players have also made their impression as the most successful gamblers in the world's history. 

  • Doyle Brunson—is also known as Texas Dolly, famous for winning The World Series of Poker two times.

  • Ishkhan "Sam" Farha—finished second in 2013's World Series of Poker Main Event.

  • Archie Karas—gained around 40 million dollars by playing roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Wrapping Up

You will find many gamblers with some intriguing stories for us to get inspiration on how they became famous and successful in casino history. 

They never hope for the best; instead, they apply some advanced tricks and strategies to reach the position they are in right now. So, do you want to become the next best casino gambler? Obviously, there is nothing wrong with spending a few dollars in casino real money online to win big.

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