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2021-06-21 22:30:05

More links: Product Intelligence Direction Data Analysis Process Data for Product Managers Data Infrastructure What is Usage Ping?

Usage Ping is a process in GitLab that collects and sends a weekly payload to GitLab Inc. The payload provides important high-level data that helps our product, support, and sales teams understand how GitLab is used. For example, the data helps to: Compare counts month over month (or week over week) to get a rough sense for how an instance uses different product features. Collect other facts that help us classify and understand GitLab installations. Calculate our Stage Monthly Active Users (SMAU), which helps to measure the success of our stages and features.

Usage Ping information is not anonymous. It’s linked to the instance’s hostname. However, it does not contain project names, usernames, or any other specific data.

Sending a Usage Ping payload is optional and can be disabled on any instance. When Usage Ping is enabled, GitLab gathers data from the other instances and can show your instance’s usage statistics to your users. Terminology

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