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2021-07-28 13:00:09

For a long time now, the pool of available IPv4 address has been almost empty at RIPE, the European IP address management agency. That's why RIPE stopped assigning IPv4 nets. There has also been increased demand in IPv4 addresses. Because of this situation, there is now a fast-growing market in IPv4 address trading with many active brokers. On https://ipv4.global/reports/ for example, users can buy IPv4 networks and transfer them to RIPE, regardless of the management agency that is responsible for administering the IPv4 address. Supply and demand determine the price at IPv4 brokers, so the prices have skyrocketed.

We have tried hard to avoid passing on these higher prices to our customers, and have acceped the economic loss until now. However, the prices have increased so dramatically that we can no longer do this. We unfortunately must increase our prices.

Demand for IPv4 addresses will likely remain very high. And we will need to continue to purchase nets. We assume that the prices for IPv4 addresses will continue to rise, and that we will also need to increase our prices again in the future. Prices for IPv4 will likely remain high until after IPv6 has become much more popular.

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