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The Linux kernel user’s and administrator’s guide Linux kernel release 6.x <> The kernel’s command-line parameters Linux allocated devices (4.x+ version) Documentation for /proc/sys Linux ABI description Feature status on all architectures Hardware vulnerabilities Reporting issues Reporting regressions Security bugs Bug hunting Bisecting a bug Tainted kernels Ramoops oops/panic logger Dynamic debug Explaining the “No working init found.” boot hang message Documentation for Kdump - The kexec-based Crash Dumping Solution Performance monitor support pstore block oops/panic logger Rules on how to access information in sysfs ACPI Support ATA over Ethernet (AoE) Auxiliary Display Support A block layer cache (bcache) The Android binderfs Filesystem Kernel Support for miscellaneous Binary Formats (binfmt_misc) Block Devices Boot Configuration Linux Braille Console btmrvl driver Control Groups version 1 Control Group v2 CIFS Clearing WARN_ONCE CPU load How CPU topology info is exported via sysfs Dell Remote BIOS Update driver (dell_rbu) Device Mapper EDID The EFI Boot Stub ext4 General Information File system Monitoring with fanotify NFS gpio Notes on the change from 16-bit UIDs to 32-bit UIDs Linux support for random number generator in i8xx chipsets Using the initial RAM disk (initrd) I/O statistics fields Java(tm) Binary Kernel Support for Linux v1.03 IBM’s Journaled File System (JFS) for Linux Reducing OS jitter due to per-cpu kthreads Laptop Drivers Parallel port LCD/Keypad Panel support LDM - Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disks) Softlockup detector and hardlockup detector (aka nmi_watchdog) Linux Security Module Usage RAID arrays Media subsystem admin and user guide Memory Management Kernel module signing facility Mono(tm) Binary Kernel Support for Linux Namespaces Numa policy hit/miss statistics Parport Perf events and tool security Power Management Linux Plug and Play Documentation RapidIO Subsystem Guide Reliability, Availability and Serviceability Real Time Clock (RTC) Drivers for Linux Linux Serial Console Video Mode Selection Support 2.13 Syscall User Dispatch Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks USB4 and Thunderbolt Using UFS Unicode support Software cursor for VGA Video Output Switcher Control The SGI XFS Filesystem Kernel Build System Kconfig Language Kconfig macro language Kbuild Kconfig make config Linux Kernel Makefiles Building External Modules Exporting kernel headers for use by userspace Recursion issues Reproducible builds GCC plugin infrastructure Building Linux with Clang/LLVM

The Linux kernel firmware guide ACPI Support Open Firmware and Devicetree Kernel Devicetree Usage Devicetree Overlays Devicetree Bindings

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