Make a Resume in LaTeX!

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2023-01-24 14:30:06

This tutorial assumes you either have (1) a text editor where you can edit LaTeX and the corresponding TeX distribution for your OS to compile it into a PDF or (2) access to a site where you can edit and compile LaTeX. Additionally, you should have some basic knowledge of LaTeX syntax. If this is your first time with LaTeX, I highly recommend trying these tutorials to get familiar with how it works: link

This tutorial will not cover how to write an effective resume. Try to have your resume content prepared, so you can follow along with the tutorial. A good starting point is this guide for writing a good resume by a Technical Recruiter at Tesla: link

Creating and updating a resume can be difficult. There are many word processing software options to choose from, like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It’s very hard to find a good template and make adjustments some combination of the margins, font size, and line spacing to get all the resume content to fit the page just right. Keeping track of multiple versions of your resume is difficult and redundant.

LaTeX is an excellent solution to all of these problems! LaTeX is used as a professional typesetting system that is free to use and runs on any system or even online with Overleaf and works great to typeset your resume.

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