Reliable satellite camera solutions for superior Earth Observation

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2022-01-13 14:00:11

Earth Observation satellites are called the planet's space guardians, so the demand for satellite camera in space is growing. Our company offers a wide range of high optical payloads for capturing high spatial resolution satellite images of the Earth's surface.

Satellite camera systems capture space in a wide range of electromagnetic waves. In fact, a satellite imager is a detector with a sensor that actively scans the changing surface of the Earth, registering the signal emitted or reflected by the object or the surrounding area. Sun is the most vivid example of such an object. And the simplest example of an image captured by a such system is Google Maps.

Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) is another important parameter of a satellite camera. This is an analog of megapixel of sorts. It determines the smallest size of an object that can be seen in the image. GSD depends on camera specification and distance from an object.

Dragonfly cameras provide multi- and hyper-spectral high resolution imagery with up to 0.7 m GSD (in nadir, at an altitude of 500 km).

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