PD: SuperShapes Generator

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2022-05-21 18:00:18

This page requires a reasonably modern HTML5 browser with both Javascript and WebGL enabled.

If this message is not soon replaced by an interactive 3D model, then it is likely that your browser does not support this web app. Check your JavaScript Console for specific error messages.

The aim of this app is to let you interact with a range of parametric shape generation algorithms, using the adjacent sliders to adjust parameters and see their effects in real-time. As a starting point, use the examples menu as a basis and the 'Randomize' button () to explore different shapes.

The shape parameter sliders are specific to each algorithm whereas the shell parameters allow you to stretch and offset the generated surface into shell-like forms. It should be fast enough on most modern computers and tablets, but you can turn off real-time updating if you need to.

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