I will be moving to the Netherlands June 7, 2021 on Drew DeVault's blog

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2021-06-09 15:30:06

I had been planning a move to the Netherlands for a while, at least until a large COVID-shaped wrench was thrown into the gears. However, I was fully vaccinated by early April, and there are signs of the border opening up now, so my plans have been slowly getting back on track. I sent off my visa application today, and assuming I can navigate the pandemic-modified procedures, I should be able to make my move fairly soon. It’s a little bit intimidating, but I am looking forward to it!

Quick note: I am looking for temporary housing in NL; somewhere I can stay for 6-12 months with a permanent mailing address for receiving immigration-related documents. I would prefer to rent out a room than to use some kind of commercial accommodation, to be certain that I can receive mail from the immigration services for the duration of the process. Please shoot me an email if you’ve got a lead! I’d rather meet someone through the FOSS community than dig through Craigslist Marktplaats from overseas.

I have felt a kind of dissonance with my home country of the United States for a long time now, and I have found it very difficult to resolve. I am not of one mind with my peers in this country on many issues; social, economic, and political. Even limiting this inquiry to matters related to FOSS, it’s quite clear that the FOSS community in Europe is much stronger than in America. In the United States, capitalism is the secular religion, and my values, in FOSS and otherwise, are incompatible with the American ethos.1

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