Keycloak SSO with docker compose and nginx

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2024-02-11 08:30:05

TL;DR I always hesitated to deploy an extra tool for user management and SSO, but the current state of the web makes it very difficult to keep up with security, CVEs etc. Why not trust one of the longest standing solutions for identity and access management? Keycloak is open source, interoperable with major SSO protocols (OpenID Connect (OIDC), OAuth 2.0, SAML), and robust. The setup with docker compose is not complicated, but it was not straight forward either. This is why I provide a summary of the process below.

This is currently a stub. I thought I would share my docker-compose.yml and nginx.conf quickly and update the post later to add steps for theming and integration.

You may have seen the concept below already in my previous post about Mastodon. We will use a standard setup of nginx as a central reverse proxy that forwards traffic through localhost to individual services, all running in their own rootless docker namespaces. I consider this the typical economical setup, by sharing resources of a single host but with maximally isolated environments. Adapt where this does not fit your usecase.

We need to use machinectl to login, otherwise XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variables will not be available. Do not use (e.g.) sudo -u keycloak -H bash.

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