Why China needs ‘Bharat ke tukde’

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2020-06-27 09:47:52

Something very curious happened after the recent clash in Galwan Valley in Ladakh, where India lost 20 soldiers. The New York Times report that came out the following day did not accuse the Chinese of aggression. Instead, it went the other way and accused India of provoking the conflict.

Not at all. The New York Times went in a different direction. It said the conflict happened because Home Minister Amit Shah provoked the Chinese during his speech in Aug 2019 during the abrogation of Article 370.

Most Indians were probably not even thinking about China when Article 370 was abrogated in August of 2019. And India has consistently claimed Aksai Chin. But this perverse argument is now being made all over the place, by the global elite at the New York Times, leaders of opposition parties, supposedly independent military analysts and their supporting cast of internet trolls. As if China acted in self-defense and India was the provocateur.

All these people, acting independently, arrived at the same conclusion at the exact same time. And the timing was perfectly convenient for China, an authoritarian superpower with the means and the motive to influence public opinion in India and abroad. It was all just a coincidence. Let’s believe that.

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