Roll-Invert-Unroll: An Easier Way to Replace a Duvet Cover | A Danver Braganza Extravaganza

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2024-03-30 19:30:04

Changing a duvet or comforter cover used to be quite hard for me, before I discovered a trick to make it much more simple. Imagine replacing your duvet cover in minutes, and without resorting to frantic shaking of your duvet. This duvet cover changing hack, which I call the “roll-invert-unroll” will make this a reality.

I recently learned that the American Cleaning Institute recommends that we wash our duvet covers monthly. Other expert voices say we should be doing this fortnightly, or even weekly. Without revealing too much, I’ll admit my current schedule falls a little outside of these recommendations.

The hardest part of changing my bedclothes is usually attempting to get the duvet cover on after everything has been washed! Frankly, it is the part I dread the most. Between the floppy nature of the comforter inner and the friction between cover and inner, it felt like trying to force a noodle through a straw. Often I had to resort to

These problems are much harder when you’re alone, but even with a partner to help there’s a lot of wasted effort. In the next section, I’ll describe how to put on a duvet cover easily and more efficiently, especially when you’re doing it alone.

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