10,000 bugfixes in 10,000 days

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2024-03-29 15:30:02

We keep track of bugfixes done to curl. All bugfixes ever done. A while back I also went back and populated the lists with details from all the releases to the pre-cursors of curl: httpget and urlget. All and every change made since November 1996.

The rate of bugfixes has been increasing over the years. I think in terms of actual bugs being squashed and fixes being merged, but also partly because we have gotten much better at keeping meticulous logs and do better release notes.

A bugfix can be a single letter typo fix in a document, a spell-fix in a source code comment or it can fix a serious security vulnerability. From high to low, from important to a small subtle detail. The counter does not value, it is just a counter.

When we shipped the recent curl version, 8.6.0, the counter said 9,888 shipped bugfixes. The other day, when 8.7.0 and 8.7.1 shipped, the counter was upped to surpass 10,000 and now says: 10,051.

These bugfixes happened thanks to 3,134 contributors, out of which 1,252 persons have authored commits merged into the curl source repository.

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