4 Common Challenges of 'Shift Left' Security

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2021-08-05 17:30:03

We are beyond the days when security involvement in development workflows was a "nice to have." In today's rapid innovation and development cycles, mature organizations put cybersecurity at the forefront of every decision.

As developer teams gain confidence in involving security in their projects and security professionals learn to work without hindering innovation, the new focus is on shifting left.

"Shifting left" refers to the process of moving security procedures (code reviews, analysis, testing, etc.) to earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to prevent defects and find vulnerabilities as early as possible. It aims to save time and money by remediating issues in early stages before they become more expensive or catastrophic to fix.

The cost of fixing defects can increase by 640% from initial coding to final release, making tech leaders keen on making the shift left. Although this practice benefits both security and developer teams, they may face challenges like the following when implementing this practice.

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