SQLite in Go, with and without cgo

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2022-05-12 17:00:05

Most people use the mattn/go-sqlite3 package to interact with SQLite in Go. This package uses cgo and bundles the SQLite C amalgamation files with the Go source.

But Go developers often prefer not to use cgo (see for example cgo is not go). I mention this because there happens to be an underrated translation of SQLite's C source code to Go. Since it is a translation of C to Go, you don't need to use cgo to call into it. Some developers find this idea compelling. And this Go translation is an impressive work in and of itself.

But for real-world usage there are at least two major concerns I had: compatibility and performance. According to their documentation they pass most or all SQLite3 tests, so it seems pretty compatible. But I didn't see anything on their site or documentation (which, to their detriment, is pretty scant) that talked about performance. So I took a look.

This post summarizes some basic ingestion and query benchmarks using mattn/go-sqlite3 and modernc.org/sqlite. tldr; the Go translation is consistently at least twice as slow for both small datasets and large, for INSERTs and SELECTs.

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