DataStation 0.6.0 released: adds in-app settings editor and smaller install size

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2022-01-17 19:30:03

What is DataStation?DataStation is an open-source data IDE for developers. It allows you to easily build graphs and tables with data pulled from SQL databases, logging databases, metrics databases, HTTP servers, and all kinds of text and binary files. Need to join or munge data? Write embedded scripts as needed in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, R, or Julia. All in one application.

This release brings a smaller install size for the same functionality, an in-app settings editor, support for reading ODS and TSV files, and more bug fixes.

The macOS zip is down to 261Mb from 318Mb, the Windows zip is down to 112Mb from 172Mb, and the Linux zip is down to 249Mb from 338. It is likely that it will continue to shrink as the last remaining pieces of the Node.js runner are ported to Go (particularly Snowflake evaluation).

Before this release you had to edit a JSON file on disk to modify settings like Light Mode/Dark Mode. Now you can do that within the app. But you will need to restart the app for the changes to take effect. Settings are within the View desktop dropdown menu.

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