The SDV Flights Synthesizer: Generative AI for Flight Scenarios

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2024-05-16 16:30:07

In December 2022, many of us trying to fly during the holidays got caught in the airport during country-wide, mass flight cancellations. It's clear that adverse weather directly causes flight disruptions. But weather can also be a catalyst for other issues, straining airline resources and leading to cancellations even after the storms have passed.

While we can't control the weather, we can control how an airline's software responds to it – an area where synthetic data can help. Imagine if instead of waiting for an extreme storm, you could simulate a hypothetical one. Using synthetic data, you could test your software's resilience with worst-case scenarios until you were confident it could respond well – saving time and money when a storm actually comes.

To demonstrate this, we used the SDV to create a flight synthesizer that simulates adverse weather scenarios and their consequences. Today, we're making it available to the public to showcase how crucial synthetic data can be for building robust systems.

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