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Limitations and websites

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2023-03-16 07:00:05

March 15, 2023 #webperf , #a11y , #process

I’ve been thinking a lot about limitations. Nearly all the rabbit holes I travel down end up with the same theme: “Limitations exist and we need to understand them and work within them”. This of course that got me thinking about the limitations we do and don’t put around building websites.

I watched a video where Carl Bugeja is prototyping a PCB motor. A PCB motor the size of a quarter seems… ahem… revolutionary when it comes to creating small movable parts. Carl is up against a lot of physical limitations in this quest to blend mechanical and electrical engineering; namely temperature. If the temperature goes to high, the device melts and fails and that is bad for the success of his invention.

The team at ustwo Games encountered a lot of limitations when building the 3D open world game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Some were Unity’s technical limitations in regards to occlusion culling, but a large part were hardware limitations because the game needed to run on an iPad Mini 4 per a launch exclusive deal with Apple Arcade.

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