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2021-09-27 01:30:08

I'll forego my predictions of whether or not Luhmann would stick to his analog zettelkasten, or use a digital offshoot of it, if he were alive today.

I'm not looking to create an orthodox movement. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "I think religion has always suffered when orthodoxy is more regarded than virtue." I say to you this: when building your antinet, opt for 96% analog, minimum. Note cards, and pen. That's all you really need. However, if you wish to use a digital bibliography reference management system (e.g. Zotero), that's fine. Hell, perhaps it's even fine to use a digital index. But whatever you do, not not digitize the main component—the thinking.

Sure, I could go on forever and ever trying to convince the skeptics of such by intellectualizing them with a plethora of psychology research. I could (and regardless will) provide studies supporting my belief in the antinet sourced from independent studies. Indeed, I'll back up my arguments with examples of intellectual titans, and creative wonders who write by hand, and use systems very similar to antinets. I'd share examples of both living, and dead.[2]

Yet, I do not have much hope for such swaying people. I do not think my preaching will persuade one to my views—i.e. the superiority of analog thinking systems.

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