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Google employees accuse tech giant of mishandling sexual assault case

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2021-07-19 19:00:08

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Less than a year after it promised to improve its response to sexual misconduct within the company, Google has recently been accused of mishandling a rape case. 

Ming Tao is an associate account strategist who also goes by the name Jessica and has been working at Google since 2020 after graduating at the top of her class at Cornell University. She came forward with her story after allegedly having been raped by a colleague in late May.

“On May 28, 2021, at roughly 4:00 am, Jessica was staying in a house with 3 of her Google co-workers, when one of them raped her. This led to a spiral of events involving multiple suicide attempts, extensive medical care bills, and legal fees. After months of being the #1 performing sales rep on her team, Jessica was abruptly put on unpaid leave, left to move home and fend for herself,” reads the GoFundMe page raising money to cover the medical and legal costs Tao has incurred since May. 

The GoFundMe has currently raised over $16,000. Tao didn’t not comment to the Daily Dot, posting on Instagram after inquires that she was “logging off” and publicly asked not to be reached out to.

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