Spanish squatters targeting British holiday homes are placing children into properties

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2023-05-23 09:30:18

Criminal gangs of squatters targeting the second homes of British people in Spain are using children as 'props' to try and shield themselves from eviction. Pictured: The home of Sophie Robinson, a British yoga teacher whose holiday house was overrun with squatters

Sophie Robinson (pictured), 48, only found out her villa had been occupied when she and her two teenage daughters flew from the UK for an Easter break this year

Sophie (pictured) had to hire a local firm of lawyers to launch proceedings while she and her daughters returned home

Pictured: Spanish civil guard prepare to raid Sophie's holiday home that had been overrun by squatters who had to be evicted from the property

Pictured: The mess left behind by squatters at Sophie's Spanish holiday home. She said drugs paraphernalia was scattered on the floors and her personal property - including her clothes, shoes, a rowing machine and bicycle - was missing

After being reunited with her property, a German holiday home owner and the reporter confronted one of the heavily tattooed and bare chested occupants of her villa who spoke through a locked gate (pictured)

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