📚 7 Things I learnt about Julia during Advent of Code - Damien Gonot

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2022-01-13 14:30:02

In a previous post I was detailing my learnings from Day 1 of Advent of Code 2021. As expected, I didn't have the time and energy to write a blog post for every single puzzle (and I actually didn't even finish all of them).

Converts an array or matrix to a vector (a 1-dimension array). Useful when parsing files with readdlm (explained in previous article) as the result is a matrix and I would often want a simple Vector .

Array-like structure that only holds unique elements! More efficient than pushing everything to an array and calling unique after the fact.

Super powerful function that applies the same function to all elements of an iterable. Basically the long-form of the dot notation.

Super useful when dealing with coordinates in any dimensions. The range between two CartesianIndex includes every single coordinates between the two.

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