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AntDB: Answer to Database Evolution - Hyperconverged All-in-One Streaming Engine 22 June 2023,  Bei Mo, AntDB (sponsor) 

Snowflake is the DBMS of the Year 2022, defending the title from last year 3 January 2023, Matthias Gelbmann, Paul Andlinger

The most popular database management systemsSeptember 2023Score1.Oracle12412.MySQL11113.Microsoft SQL Server9024.PostgreSQL6215.MongoDB439

DB-Engines is an initiative to collect and present information on database management systems (DBMS). In addition to established relational DBMS, systems and concepts of the growing NoSQL area are emphasized.

The most important properties of numerous systems are shown in the overview of database management systems. You can examine the properties for each system, and you can compare them side by side.

If you have suggestions, questions or general feedback, we would appreciate to get a message from you. Recent DB-Engines citations in the newsChroma's Jeff Huber on Vector Databases and Getting AI into ... 5 September 2023, Madrona Venture Group PostgreSQL now top developer choice ahead of MySQL, according ... 13 June 2023, DevClass Update or migrate? Planning for MySQL 5.7 EOL 22 June 2023, InfoWorld MariaDB brings its Xpand distributed DBMS to PostgreSQL users 9 May 2023, SiliconANGLE News provided by Google NewsUpcoming Events» more DBMS eventsCassandra eventCassandra Summit 2023 San Jose, California, USA 12-13 December 2023 General DBMS eventPASS Data Community Summit Seattle, Washington, USA 14-17 November 2023

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