A Startup in Dubai Is Making The World’s Most Affordable Portable Seawater Desalination Device

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2020-06-23 19:55:05

Purifying seawater is an extortionate process worth a lot of bucks, but Quench Sea, A Dubai-based startup is developing a desalination device that’s as low-priced as $70 (AED 257).

For those of us who’ve lived in the UAE long enough, let’s admit it, we’ve rarely spared a thought about where freshwater comes into our homes from. It’s as simple as turning the tap on and off. However, this is the time we need to take the matter seriously, with numerous less economically developed countries suffering from droughts and famine, deprived of access to fresh water.

Take Yemen, for example, the nearest country from the UAE suffering extensively from lack of fresh water. The United Nations’ humanitarian aid counterpart, UNICEF claims 18 million are in need of water and sanitisation to survive amid the Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict and natural disasters on the coasts of Al Hudaydah. A YouTube search of the crisis in Yemen shows a plethora of footage of displaced Yemenis walking hundreds of miles in search of water. You can see it for yourself here.

Sure, oil is the lifeline for any developed cosmopolitan, but the world is seeing a surge in increasing dependence on freshwater. A report by the World Health Organization says 2.2 billion don’t have “safely managed drinking water services,” which roughly estimates to one in three people without access to fresh water.

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