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2024-05-09 19:30:06

At WhatsApp, our work shapes the way more than 2 billion people worldwide communicate every day. We take this role seriously, and we focus on the details to get it right for our users. We aim to create an app that not only works seamlessly, but also feels like a natural extension of your phone — allowing you to focus on the conversations that matter in your daily life. We believe success is achieved when our design enhances how people communicate on WhatsApp and empowers them to connect in new ways.

Our design philosophy builds on our product principles of keeping WhatsApp simple, reliable and private. We filter these through a design lens to build intuitive and clear flows that work universally and help people connect, while protecting their privacy. We pay close attention to how people use their devices and design our user interface to complement their existing experience, so WhatsApp feels familiar and easy to navigate. If you know how to use your device, using WhatsApp should be easy.

I believe the way we approach change on WhatsApp is powerful, and it puts people at the heart of everything we do. When designing, we consider varying levels of connectivity and digital literacy to keep WhatsApp accessible, and we’re careful with changes that affect people’s muscle memory. This helps us be more intentional about the problems we solve for and minimize product disruption.

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