Own less, share more, move faster: free-floating in Milan with Helbiz and MiMoto

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2020-06-25 19:44:48

The great renaissance of Milan is still going on. Within 5 years, the city shifted from a destination “simply” known for high-end shopping or common business, to a European metropolis with an aggressively growing skyline, a wide offering of entertainment and cultural events, a thriving startup scene, traditional and modern eateries alongside unconventional retail concepts, flourishing co-working spaces, big plans for green urban spaces and a fresh wholesome international vibe.

Milanese people are known for being impatient and highly intolerant towards traffic, delays, or anything slowing them down, and that’s where new paradigms in urban mobility come into the picture to enhance city life and enabling inhabitants to enjoy everything we stated above.

The broad landscape of sharing mobility in Milan presents multiple means of transports and different services competing among each other to offer cars, bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters, mopeds, and even transport vans. In this interview, we have involved two of the most prominent sharing mobility services active in Milan: the shiny yellow mopeds of MiMoto, with by Alessandro Vincenti – Founder and Business Development, and the black sleek scooters & e-bikes of Helbiz, with Luca Santambrogio – Country Manager at Helbiz Italia.

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